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In a pioneering role since the early 1990s, FLYER AG has amassed a wealth of solid experience with the FLYER e-bike and has had a considerable impact on and contributed to the consolidation of developments in the e-bike sector. This know-how is integrated into all the company’s daily activities. FLYER AG is market leader for e-bikes in Switzerland.

Outside Chur is proud to have Flyer bikes as our exclusive bike brand, and to be a Flyer authorised specialty dealer.


Come in and take a test ride before you buy!

Gotour6 7.43


Retail price: 4'999.-
Rental price: from 65.- / Day

The Gotour6 is a touring e-bike «par excellence». Design, ride comfort, and ergonomics are so connected and coordinated that every journey becomes a pleasure.

Uproc3 4.10 & 6.30


Retail price: 5'499.-
Rental price: N/A

The Uproc3 enables you to explore all kinds of trails and set new elevation gain records. This endurance all-rounder climbs up hills efficiently and masters any descent.

Uproc4 4.10


Retail price: N/A
Rental price: from 69.- / Day

The area of use of the Uproc4 ranges from rides through the countryside after work, to technical trails and to crossing the Alps. This makes the Uproc4 the perfect companion for the most varied terrains.

Upstreet3 7.10


Retail price: N/A
Rental price: from 65.- / Day

The Upstreet3 motivates you to spend more time on two wheels and is impressive with its wide area of use, which ranges from speedy commuting to work to a detour via country paths on the way home from work.

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The quick and easy way to start your own personal outdoor adventure in Chur.

swissrent’s easy to use Widget rental system and our Omnichannel mentality means one can find and rent what they want, where they want, and when they want. Come as you are, and we’ll take care of the rest; in Winter, in Summer, in 5 languages!