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Why buy an E-Bike?

There are many advantages to purchasing an E-Bike. Apart from cost savings, it’ll help you go further, faster, and longer, and get you out riding more often. They’re also great for commuting and going uphill, as well as battling crosswinds and headwinds.

Why rent an E-Bike?

Renting is an inexpensive alternative, especially if you are going for short E-Bike trips. Renting is also an excellent option if you are traveling and want to explore a new region, or are interested in a ‘try before you buy’ model.

Can you get fit riding an E-Bike?

Yes! Studies have shown that E-Bike riders’ hearts work at more than 90 percent of the level of riders of non-assisted bikes. The effort required to keep yourself moving may be less than on a normal bike, but you’ll still be turning the pedals over and putting in a significant amount of the energy required to move yourself along.

Why are E-Bike’s speed limited?

E-Bikes are speed limited in order to skip motorized vehicle regulations such as licensing and registration. This is due to the higher risk involved in going at higher speeds and because you have to drive on the road instead of on specified bike paths.


How can I rent online?

Book directly through the swissrent rental widget on our homepage here or just visit our Online platform partner, or via the swissrent-App.

Can I walk in and rent?

While we prefer to prepare ‘daily’ equipment rental in advance via online bookings, we are more than happy to welcome walk-ins.

How can I cancel my online booking?

If you made your booking online through swissrent or in the swissrent app and have checked the cancellation guarantee, you can cancel your booking by writing an email to

Can I exchange the equipment I have rented if I am not satisfied?

Yes. For multi-day bookings or seasonal rental. Our goal is the individual riding pleasure and satisfaction of our customers.

Is it possible to buy rented equipment at the end of the rental period?

Yes. All of our rental equipment is available for purchase. Try before you buy!

Do you offer safety equipment for rent?

Yes. We carry TSG helmets, goggles, and protection for summer and winter sports.

What vouchers do you offer?

In summer, we offer 5 and 10 AnyDayAbo’s (5 or 10 separate rental days) for CHF 310.- und CHF 584 for E-Mountainbikes, and CHF 292.- & CHF 552.- for E-Bike Urban/Tour.

What other vouchers do you accept?

We currently accept the Uffa-Jahresabo vouchers (Single, Partner, Family) for seasonal ski rental in winter and daily bike rentals in summer. In winter we also accept any valid swissrent EasyAbo product.

Are you open on Sundays?

Yes! We are open 7 days a week in the Chur train station.


What bike services do you offer?

We offer full bike service for all types of bikes and e-bikes. Visit this page to see our bike service pricing.

What ski services do you offer?

We offer hand and machine ski service for all models. Visit this page to see our ski service pricing.

Do you sell bike parts and service accessories?

Yes. We sell a range of bikes parts, including light sets, tubes, etc., and a small selection of ski tuning and repair items from TOKO.


What bike brands are in the store?

We are an official FLYER specialty dealer and offer the latest and greatest models for rent or purchase.

What skis and boot brands are in the store?

We have an extensive range of HEAD Skis and Boots for all skier abilities and sizes.

Do you sell clothing and accessories?

We sell apparel, footwear, packs, and bags from Dakine. Helmets, apparel, and protection from TSG. Eyewear from Spektrum. Sport watches from Cronos, Skateboards from Globe, and premium outerwear from Mountain Force.

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