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swissrent group AG is very pleased to achieve the status ‘swisstainable committed’ with our flagship store Outside Chur. As a first step, here are some of the measures being worked on until 2023:

Nature & Landscape

We focus on renting outdoor equipment & clothing to extend product life cycles.
We track how often these devices (summer and winter) are used to indicate rental growth in the market.
We also have a point of sale to sell our ski equipment after 3 years, which gives the product an additional life cycle.


Together with SBB, we will promote mobility to arriving guests.
Our location promotes sustainability with public transport and the convenience for guests to get off the train and embark on their adventure on an e-bike or pair of skis.

Guest Information & Hospitality

Together with Chur Tourismus and local providers, we will create offers and “packages” to inspire people (locals and tourists) to discover the region.
We even have a special inspiration area in the store where people can enjoy a locally roasted coffee and browse through informational brochures about the surrounding area.
We will also encourage people to leave a Google review (positive or negative) about their experiences to create an online dialogue.

We look forward to working hard to create unforgettable nature experiences.

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